Who’s behind the blog?


Image: Germaine de Larch


This site is neither a personal diary nor a travel blog: it’s a platform for sharing narratives. My name is Ang Lloyd and I’m a journalist and observer at heart, and I’m particularly interested in telling stories, especially about the people who live in this challenging, beautiful place called Johannesburg. I believe that language is a tool that can be used to convey powerful messages, explore the extraordinary in the mundane, and unlock secret worlds.

Although I was born in Troyeville and grew up in Jozi, I know that I haven’t experienced this city properly. I know some streets, while others are unfamiliar and confusing. So, I approach this sometimes overwhelming metropolis with a sense of perpetual rediscovery: both of myself, and of Joburg.

I also don’t want to romanticise or vilify Johannesburg, either – it can be a very difficult place and I hope to communicate its struggles, darkness, and beauty.

I have a deep love for Jozi and I wish to share it with you.


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