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My name is Ang Lloyd and I’m a thirty-something journalist and observer at heart: I’m particularly interested in telling stories, especially about the people who live in this challenging, beautiful place called Johannesburg (aka Jozi). I believe that language is a tool that can be used to convey powerful messages, explore the extraordinary in the mundane, and unlock secret worlds.

I also don’t want to romanticise or vilify Johannesburg, either – it can be a very difficult place to live in and I hope to communicate its struggles, as well as its bristling energy. It’s taken me a while to appreciate this city I call home; Joburg is the kind of place that, at first, seems intimidating, and even perhaps a bit inhospitable. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find a friendly city that’s full of possibility.

It’s my hope that this blog inspires those who live in Joburg to get out of their comfort zones and get to know Jozi a bit better – and to realise that there’s more to this place than crime and craft coffee.

As for me, I’m an introvert (and I’m constantly trying to find places in the city with the least amount of people). I run my own content and communications business (called wordbird), and I do tai chi and Ryūkyū kobujutsu to stay fit. I now live in a suburb in the east of Jo’burg with my partner and two Pekingese. I love beer and Scandi noir series, I’m not on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and I’m really bad at maths.

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  1. Oh that’s hilarious David! Thanks for sharing – did you make it out in one piece 🙂

  2. Hi Ang.

    I’m in quite an uncanny situation.
    As I write this I’m sitting in the L. Ron Hubbard house as part of the Meetup’s “Shut up and Write” group, hosted by our mutual acquaintance Puneet Dhamija.
    As a wanna-be writer whos busy with a creative writing course, I joined this Meetup group to meet fellow writers and dedicate time to finishing assignments. Puneet is an avid poetry writer.
    My current assignment requires that I interview someone, and sitting in the house’s Art- Deco lounge, overlooking Jozi, I was thinking about sitting Puneet down and squeezing some info about the house and Scientology out of him. My research led me to your blog and I see that you beat me to it. Your article is very entertaining and informative.
    He hasn’t led me to any dark rooms yet, but this airy coincidence that I’m reading your article in this house is enough to make me question the spirituality of this house.
    I guess I’m not “Clear” yet!

  3. I think that your blog is brilliant.
    The articles are interesting and the style, structure and scripting is excellent.
    You have changed the three R’s into the three S’s.
    Now you need to change the world.
    love Dad

  4. Hi Clive

    This message has just made my day; I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog and that it resonates 🙂

  5. Stumbled across your blog and so happy I did.
    While searching to see if Modderfontein nature reserve was open to give my wife and I some respite with a restless toddler that cannot understand this concept of lockdown ( nor should he at 18 months ), I stumbled across your blog.
    Your post on being in the basement of Maslows hierarchical pyramid was so true and totally identified with it.
    Thanks for giving me something worthwhile to read on this Sunday in what feels like day 128908 of lockdown. ?

  6. Pleasure Marc. I definitely know of you and your site (and your new book!), but I honestly don’t get out much #introvert

  7. Thanks for the invite to your new blog! I can’t believe we’ve not run into each other. Perhaps it’s the introvert nature…

  8. This is such a lovely project. Thank you. And thank you especially for the turn to introvert-suitable public space reviews. Damn, what an idea. Have subscribed, and on principle won’t be publically sharing any introvert-spot reviews on social media or alerting anyone to them, at all. I may even just think about them but not actually go to any.

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